The jingle of e-commerce

Indiatimes takes the cake and eats it too, followed, of course, by the old warhorse rediff, and, finally siffy. But when it comes to tipping the hat for e-commerce in India, the Indian Railways deserves it the most. The Business Standard supplement, the strategist reports on the status of e-commerce. The article is by Prasad […]


Seeing big in small things

The times are such. The news that “Internet advertising will account for 10 percent of total U.S. ad dollars” is something to celebrate about, although we’d have to wait for 2010 for that to happen. It looks even better graphically. But if you insist on the full story, here goes:


Subhash Chandra-zee

Subhash Chandra, who started off as a vegetable oil manufacturer, now lords over the Zee-Essel group. The group is an “indigenous” media conglomerate with its hand in practically every media pie. But Zee did have close business links with Rupert Murdoch’s Star group. Zee’s market capitalisation this year stands at Rs.57,297 million up from Rs.55,358 […]