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Internet critical tool for political cash

This is probably a long shot for us in India but surely an indicator of things to come: Retired naval officer Joe Sestak out-raised incumbent Republican Curt Weldon to seize a House seat in suburban Philadelphia — aided by nearly $900,000 in Internet contributions. “Netroots” activists helped propel Virginia’s incoming Democratic Sen. Jim Webb in […]

Online Journalism

OLJA is here

Happened across an Online Journalists Association‘s site. It is a neat site. The organisation is headed by a Rajesh Kalra. Googled him but got a whole lot of links. I couldn’t quite figure out which Kalra is the online journalist. But I’m happy somebody’s finally done it. All the best folks!


Erasmus Mundus Masters degree

Admission to masters degree programme. Introduction Journalism is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Developments in technology, politics and society are increasingly putting the media industries and the profession of journalism at the centre of people’s attempt to make sense of what is happening in the world around them. The Erasmus Mundus Masters degree explores the practice […]

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Is a free media essential for development?

A special edition of The World Debate, one of the BBC’s flagship programmes, will be filmed on Thursday October 26 at the World Congress on Communication for Development in Rome, Italy. Entitled “Is a free media essential for development?” it will be broadcast on BBC World on 28-29 October, as well as made available online. […]