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The notification of 24 sports events that private broadcaster have rights for will henceforth be shared with Doordarshan. But for broadcasting these “events of national importance”, Doordarshan is expected to “pass on 75 per cent of the revenue”. The issue has been settled with the consultation with the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, Prasar […]

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Geographic limitations

The bizarre trajectory of India’s media policy continues. This time it seems more on the sensible side of the debate. Apparently, Private FMs may not be able to join DTH platforms. Depending on which side of the fence one wants to belong to, this rule might be seen as progressive or regressive. I go with […]


Where IOJ stands

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Monitoring e-mails

A company, Email Data Source Inc‘s business it to “analyze, organize, and archive thousands of daily email marketing messages” and, of course, make money by doing that. The website claims that Email Data Source’s “catalogue currently contains over 900,000 email marketing messages on 18,000 brands, sent by 14,000 companies, through more than 6,000 mailing lists”.