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CERT-In and the attacks

“India is under attack from rogue elements within and outside the country, not only in its physical space (think Mumbai), but in cyberspace too. Extensions “” and “” are special targets of hack-attacks, whose number, and intensity, is increasing at a worrying pace,”  reads a report from Vandana Gombar in the  Business Standard today. CERT-In […]

Online Journalism

Focus on West Asia

The filtered coverage of Israel’s attack on Lebanon comes unstuck as people reach the Internet to get what’s really happening out there. Videos on Web widen lens on Mideast conflict “In a matter of weeks, YouTube has become a video Dumpster for a global audience to share first-hand reports, military strategies, propaganda videos and personal […]

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What about we the people?

The government will not be presenting the proposed Broadcasting Bill in the monsoon session of Parliament. The media industry’s concerns have been presented to the government by IMG and the IBF. The citiznens of India don’t seem to figure the consultative process. There’s still time. Govt to address industry concerns on broadcast bill Under attack […]