Online Journalism

Bullish global online media outlook

Althougth the Reuters report doesn’t mention India, the PwC Global Entertainment and Media Outlook must have something about the subcontinent. But the fact that the boom being predicted is based on the increasing use of “high-speed connections and social networking and entertainment sites” should come as an indicator that social networking is here to stay. […]

Online Journalism

Recent TRAI recommendations: absurd and baffling

Thomas K. Thomas’ report on TRAI’s recommendations is alarming, given India’s aim to improve connectivity. The recommendations, which form the basis for a policy being considered by the Government, supposedly to improve Internet growth in the country, propose to completely do away with district-level Internet operators (technically known as category C licence). TRAI has suggested […]

Business Telecom

BSNL is more "customer friendly”

Here’s something that should bring cheer to a very few people in this country: The state-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd’s subscribers who are doing the talking. BSNL has the highest minutes of mobile usage across 10 circles, according to data collected by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. <<Read on>> technorati tags:BSNL, Telecom


GSM operators gun for Wi-Max now

After the war between proponents of GSM and CDMA technologies, there’s a new battle between technologies brewing up in the telecom sector. <<Read more>> technorati tags:Wi-Max, GSM, Telecom


Remedies for BSNL’s woes

While it is nice to hear that BSNL “appointing a consultant to suggest ways to improve its business processes”, the solution obviously cannot be found in what the familiar suspect — “One of the concerns for BSNL is its huge employee base of over 2.5 lakh.” It would be better to highlight how consistently issues […]


Bandwidth in the telecom sector

More than 50 per cent of the domestic long distance capacity available is still lying unused. The situation is worse in the international segment, where only 15 per cent of the bandwidth capacity is being currently utilised. The Hindu Businessline has a report on the situation. technorati tags:telecom, bandwidth