ESRI ArcGIS mapping API

I’ve never got an opportunity to work on GIS but have felt that there are many innovative  possibilities for news, even if it is just about interactive maps. Here’s another API to use: Tags: map, gis, mapping


RIM, BlackBerry and the government

This report by Lewis Page (Indian gov: Let us into BlackBerry or we’ll shut you down) slips in a contradiction in a rather matter-of-fact. If “Western governments are widely believed to enjoy such access”, then how can the Indian government’s  demand  “…set a precedent”. The report ends by saying that negotiations are on.   Tags: […]


This is about fatigue — News Fatigue

On the face of it, this looks bad. But it needs closer reading to pass judgement. Check it out: Blogged with the Flock Browser Tags: AP, news, info overload, journalism

Broadcast Business Ownership

Turner International’s bullish on India

Turner International, a unit of Time Warner Inc, has recently bought a minority stake in the Indian production firm Miditech Pvt Ltd, which makes regional-language general entertainment channels. Turner operates the Cartoon Network and Pogo channels for kids. CNN-IBN news channel is it’s venture with Global Broadcast News Ltd. India’s TV industry revenues are forecast […]


Abby for Indiatimes

I get this a lot: “[T]he younger internet generation in India, people who expect dynamism not just in content.” Indiatimes wins Abby Silver A lot of people in important places assume that young Indians are aggressive, lecherous and like muck. One hopes that the youth of India will rise to the occasion and disprove these […]


Music: the inexorable march

Can this steam Apple’s transformation into a media company is to be seen. MySpace said on Thursday that as part of the deal it would turn its popular MySpace Music site into a joint venture, bringing in Universal Music Group, Sony BMG Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group as minority owners. The music companies are […]

Content Telecom

Online News: A trend to watch

Even the best news sites in India seem woefully “old” when it comes to understanding the needs of their users. It is not that our brethren in the US are well-versed in the art of communicating. Here’s a good story from NYT that has pointers to what’s on online: Finding Political News Online, the Young […]


Real badware

That ain’t no innovative headline, believe me. It is in fact about RealPlayer. RealPlayer 10.5 to be precise. According to, 10.5 “is badware because it fails to accurately and completely disclose the fact that it installs advertising software on the user’s computer.” What’s also bad, or should we say as worse, is it installs […]