A tiny step too late

Sometimes a small step in the right direction needs to be applauded, even if it is a bit late in the day and  just a half-hearted attempted. I am not sure if I’ve seen something like this before during my morning dose of Deccan Herald, so it came as a pleasant surprise to see the […]

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Online News: A trend to watch

Even the best news sites in India seem woefully “old” when it comes to understanding the needs of their users. It is not that our brethren in the US are well-versed in the art of communicating. Here’s a good story from NYT that has pointers to what’s on online: Finding Political News Online, the Young […]

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Upstaging big bro

This one’s for posterity. The subversive potential of new media is real. Yet blogsphere has served merely to extend the reach of established media. The manufacturing of consent becomes that much more easier if news spreads through the blogosphere. Ultimately, the framework remains the same. But in cases such as the one that the link […]

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Monitoring e-mails

A company, Email Data Source Inc‘s business it to “analyze, organize, and archive thousands of daily email marketing messages” and, of course, make money by doing that. The website claims that Email Data Source’s “catalogue currently contains over 900,000 email marketing messages on 18,000 brands, sent by 14,000 companies, through more than 6,000 mailing lists”.