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Tharoor’s Net stock

The setting up of is the democratic right of either Sebastian Fuhrmann or his employers, especially if they are sitting in far-off Germany. It also seems to be fulfilling a need of those who actually think that “an educated, world-renowned, sophisticated and pro-active minister was shown the door for not much fault.” This fact […]

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South Asian Journalists Demand: Stop the War on Journalism in Sri Lanka

The following statement was issued by the South Asia Media Solidarity Network at its meeting in Kathmandu, Nepal, on September 6-7. We, the representatives of journalists’ unions and associations in the South Asian region, meeting on the platform of the South Asia Media Solidarity Network (SAMSN), express our deepest concern over continuing violations of media […]

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Is a free media essential for development?

A special edition of The World Debate, one of the BBC’s flagship programmes, will be filmed on Thursday October 26 at the World Congress on Communication for Development in Rome, Italy. Entitled “Is a free media essential for development?” it will be broadcast on BBC World on 28-29 October, as well as made available online. […]

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Google: To give or not to give?

Increasingly new media companies have to confront this: “A Brazilian judge has ordered the local office of Web search company Google to disclose the data of users of Google’s social networking site Orkut accused of crimes like racism or child pornography.” The choice is not so easy but the issues at stake are.

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Upstaging big bro

This one’s for posterity. The subversive potential of new media is real. Yet blogsphere has served merely to extend the reach of established media. The manufacturing of consent becomes that much more easier if news spreads through the blogosphere. Ultimately, the framework remains the same. But in cases such as the one that the link […]

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CERT-In and the attacks

“India is under attack from rogue elements within and outside the country, not only in its physical space (think Mumbai), but in cyberspace too. Extensions “” and “” are special targets of hack-attacks, whose number, and intensity, is increasing at a worrying pace,”  reads a report from Vandana Gombar in the  Business Standard today. CERT-In […]

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The madness continues

As of this writing many blogs continue to remain out of bounds — typical bureaucratic overkill. One obviously is concerned about hate mongering. The disproportionate noise that fundamentalists of all hues are able to inflict on the online world is evident. There are techno-fundamentalists, of course, who think that blogosphere or cyberspace will somehow filter […]