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The setting up of is the democratic right of either Sebastian Fuhrmann or his employers, especially if they are sitting in far-off Germany. It also seems to be fulfilling a need of those who actually think that “an educated, world-renowned, sophisticated and pro-active minister was shown the door for not much fault.” This fact […]

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Reaching for the stars

If minister of state for communications and IT, Sachin Pilot, is to be believed, India will be a fully wired country pretty soon. The minister says that the Rs.17,000 crore ($3.5 billion) in the Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF) will be utilised to connect 626,000 villages. He says that it would entail setting up 11,000 […]


ESRI ArcGIS mapping API

I’ve never got an opportunity to work on GIS but have felt that there are many innovative  possibilities for news, even if it is just about interactive maps. Here’s another API to use: Tags: map, gis, mapping


RIM, BlackBerry and the government

This report by Lewis Page (Indian gov: Let us into BlackBerry or we’ll shut you down) slips in a contradiction in a rather matter-of-fact. If “Western governments are widely believed to enjoy such access”, then how can the Indian government’s  demand  “…set a precedent”. The report ends by saying that negotiations are on.   Tags: […]


Abby for Indiatimes

I get this a lot: “[T]he younger internet generation in India, people who expect dynamism not just in content.” Indiatimes wins Abby Silver A lot of people in important places assume that young Indians are aggressive, lecherous and like muck. One hopes that the youth of India will rise to the occasion and disprove these […]

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Is a free media essential for development?

A special edition of The World Debate, one of the BBC’s flagship programmes, will be filmed on Thursday October 26 at the World Congress on Communication for Development in Rome, Italy. Entitled “Is a free media essential for development?” it will be broadcast on BBC World on 28-29 October, as well as made available online. […]

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Good news is, India’s listed has a report on the “Top 15 Online Populations and Web Properties Worldwide”, and for a change India is listed. For a worldwide population of unique online visitors at 713 million India with 1.8 million comes a lowly ninth yet is there. The point that needs mention here is that “visitors exclude traffic from […]