Money and Paywalls

As 2011 winds down, paywalls seem to be going up. The Chicago Sun-Times in the US and Scotish papers the Herald and the Sunday Herald have decided to go the NYT way. The new year will certainly see more such attempts. I reckon Indian newspapers might be keenly observing how paywalls pan out of lesser […]

Online Journalism

Typepad blocked: A bizarre move

My ISP BSNL hasn’t blocked Typepad, yet. But Nikhil Pahwa and Shivam Vij (Crazy internet censorship time in India, again « Kafila) are reporting that the government has explicitly asked ISPs to block the blogging service. As Shivam observes, unlike earlier when one would just hit a 404 error (page not found), this time there […]

Online Journalism

Key points from Touch Press’ Gray

These ingredients should probably be part of any web content team:Wolfram Research co-founder Gray and his Touch Press may be future of e-books, publishing | ZDNet Here are his three key ingredients next-gen interactive e-books: * “You need an author that’s not a technical writer, but can tell a real story with depth and authority,” […]

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Tharoor’s Net stock

The setting up of is the democratic right of either Sebastian Fuhrmann or his employers, especially if they are sitting in far-off Germany. It also seems to be fulfilling a need of those who actually think that “an educated, world-renowned, sophisticated and pro-active minister was shown the door for not much fault.” This fact […]

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Reaching for the stars

If minister of state for communications and IT, Sachin Pilot, is to be believed, India will be a fully wired country pretty soon. The minister says that the Rs.17,000 crore ($3.5 billion) in the Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF) will be utilised to connect 626,000 villages. He says that it would entail setting up 11,000 […]