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There are myriad kinds of digital news websites, but a quick look down the list by comScore of the top news websites by users shows the predominant position legacy media enjoys even online. If you for a moment set aside the huge problem of advertising dollars being usurped by Big Tech, local “big media” rakes in the rest of the dollars, with very little left for the cantankerous digital-only news sites.

It is in this cash-strapped zone of the digital news space that innovative storytelling techniques, and, indeed, journalism happens.  But it is also in this very zone have come to dwell some passionate journalists whose knowledge of things digital might not be a “native” one. The plummeting credibility of mainstream media and upheaval in the media industry as a whole have compelled many to seek digital pastures.

So digital journalism in its linear form might be easy pickings. And getting a website up and running not too difficult nor the cost astronomical.

It is here that we at OnlineJournalism.in feel, we can make a difference. To be part of this exciting prospect of being there for these brave people to tell the story, to confidently set forth in this terrain filled by bytes.

Tells your experiences, asks us your doubts — we here for conversations and collaborations.




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