Google is still at the top of the charts, Youtube’s next

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June 30, 2021

Google tops the list of top popular websites followed by another Alphabet product, Youtube.

The world’s most popular site by far is Google. No surprises there. The second one is Youtube, which should not come as a surprise either. It should be noted though that Youtube is a very much an Alphabet product, the parent company of the top two websites.

Facebook comes in next, which is followed by Twitter, which is closely followed by another Facebook product, Instagram. WhatsApp too makes it to the list of popular sites lower down the order. 

Two sites worth mentioning here is Wikipedia, a creative commons site, has managed to offer a different model of functioning.  The other site xvideos.com is a porn site. Porn can’t not make it to this list.

The “genre” of these sites are also worth noting. Google, the search engine, of course. But Youtube so has become the go-to place for searching, videos. So search and social media dominate. But looking for information (Wikipedia) and connecting (social media), apart from sex make up the broad spectrum that this list represents. 

Digital media, nevertheless, is also about niches, nooks and crannies. And while this list is interesting, it cannot reveal the mind boggling diversity of cyberspace. 

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