The Hindu’s (The) Sportstar

Sportstar is the only remaining sports magazine from the era when sports enthusiast and assorted fans of sports stars read in depth pieces and admired big posters of their favourite icons. The one other magazines of the genre that can be easily recalled is Sportsworld and Sportsweek,

The Wikipedia entry for Sportstar says that the magazine was launched in 1978 and it became a digital magazine in 2015. From having it’s own domain, it’s been made a sub-domain of The Hindu, when the other publications, except BusinessLine, were relegated to being sub-domain’s of the parent The Hindu.

A look at the Keywords Everywhere’s global trend data for Sportstar does not paint a pretty graph. But of course the graph shows the global trend, it would be different for India, but not by much, given the fact that many sports websites, especially cricket websites have built a huge following in the intervening years.