A step forward

The January 24 newsletter by Frank Barnako has two noteworthy titbits on online journalism: LATimes is to move members of its online team “to take seats in regular newsroom departments”. Now that is nothing novel, and, indeed, such moves can only make sense with a rethink about the entire news process, which obviously means that newsroom management should not be about merely moving people around. There are more issues involved here; the news cycle will be completely different for one member of the desk. How’s that to be factored in? How’s going to take the call on which stories goes online and which does not? And more such issues that will be difficult to negotiate.
The other news Barnako reports about is that Wisconsin State Journal will allow reader to choose “as many as five stories” to appear in the next days edition. This is the first time I’ve heard of this sort of collaboration between a newspaper and its readers. A experiment worth watching.




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