Key points from Touch Press’ Gray

These ingredients should probably be part of any web content team:
Wolfram Research co-founder Gray and his Touch Press may be future of e-books, publishing | ZDNet

Here are his three key ingredients next-gen interactive e-books:

* “You need an author that’s not a technical writer, but can tell a real story with depth and authority,” said Gray. “You would read this author even if the book wasn’t interactive. Traditional publishers understand this.” However, multimedia companies don’t.
* “You need real programmers,” said Gray. “You need people that turn hardware into magic.” Gray’s definition of programmers goes beyond “Flash hackers.” These programmers can use software to tell a story and give hardware purpose.
* And the final ingredient is “a television producer’s eye for moving visuals.” These producers deliver high quality video on budget and on schedule. “If this were TV you would watch it even if it weren’t in an interactive app,” said Gray.