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Google’s new privacy feature in Play Store

The feature requires developers to give people more information about how apps collect, share and secure user data.

Play Store will now sport a data safety section in Google Play.

What is significant though is that app users henceforth will get to see the apps security practices, including how and if it encrypts data in transit. What’s more is user will no in advance whether they can ask for data to be deleted.

With more and more children using digital devices, it is of utmost concern whether apps follow practices to protect children. Google Play itself has a Families Policy.  The new privacy feature will let users know whether the app adheres to the policy. 

Additionally, Google Store now insists on apps to be validated against the global security standard <a =””>Mobile Application Security Verification Standard</a> or the MASVS.    

Developers are required to complete this section for their apps by July 20. 

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