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A cursory SEO audit of the flagship site of the group The New Indian Express shows  the site is a mixed bag. Merely 500 URLs were audited, which will be a tiny fraction of the daily newspaper’s website. Nevertheless, it is probably worth looking at, as indicative of the larger challenges of news sites in India rather than the workings of an individual website.  

There were more than 17% URLs with uppercase letters and more than 10% with underscore in them. Both factor considered undesirable as far as SEO is concerned. It is worth setting up checks and balances to ensure these percentages  come down significantly. The other indicator that the audit checks is the number of characters in the URL. TNIE as as much as 48% URLs with more than 115 characters. 

Please do remember this is based on a small sample size of URLs of the site.


Chennai-based The New Indian Express is strong on covering south India. The site reflects that offline strength, with city sections that includes non-south Indian cities such as Bhubaneswar, Mumbai and Delhi.  The site is strong on states such as Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and even Odisha.  The rest of the site structure is like any other general interest news site, but one unusual section called Prabhu Chawla.

The newspaper’s editor is G S Vasu (gsvasu_TNIE). He also is the editor of the group’s other newspaper Morning Star.

Some other editorial staff our:

Anuradha Shukla, Writes on economic policies.

Ranjitha Gunasekaran Asst Resident Editor, Tamil Nadu

Jawahar, Photojournalist

Ganesh Neelakantan


Kannada Prabha

It is the digital avatar of Kannada Prabha, the newspaper part-owned by the group.


The Tamil newspaper also head quartered in Chennai, is a popular daily.

Samakalika Malayalam, Chennai Express, EdexLive and Indulge, the lifestyle tabloid are the other publications from the same stable. 

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