About Us

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Indian Online Journalism (IOJ) was founded by Subhash Rai as a newsgroup, on August 24, 2000 at Yahoo Groups, as a community to discuss the growth of online journalism in the country. IOJ was arguably the first newsgroup on the subject, well before news publications had started investing seriously in digital journalism.  

The site is being launched again with a renewed focus on the state of digital journalism in general and from the perspective of journalists.  World over, this is a crucial time when digital journalism and its impact on citizenship and democracy is being much debated upon. We feel there is a case to be made for a platform that will function as a resource on these issues and provide a non-partisan look at  the challenges facing journalism and journalists today in an increasingly networked world.

IOJ also provides consulting services, tailoring solutions for newsrooms based on their specific challenges.

IOJ is published by The Centre for Initiatives in Journalism  (CIJ), a registered non-profit trust.

Subhash Rai, the Chairman and Managing Trustee of CIJ and the founder of IOJ, is a senior digital editor, having worked in online journalism for over 20 years. He has had strategic and leadership roles in some of the leading news publications in India as Digital Editor including The Hindu, The New Indian Express, Hindustan Times, and the Economic and Political Weekly.

A Narayana, was a journalist for more than a decade before he did his PhD in Development Studies at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, UK.  He specialises in governance and public policy and teaches at the Azim Premji University in Bengaluru. 

N.A. Mahamed Ismail is a digital journalist currently working with a Kannada television channel. He was the Digital Editor of Prajavani Online, Deccan Herald Group, for over a decade and brings CIJ a wealth of experience in working with Indian languages online.

If you would like to contribute to IOJ do get in touch with us at: editor at onlinejournalism.in

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