Erasmus Mundus Masters degree

Admission to masters degree programme. Introduction Journalism is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Developments in technology, politics and society are increasingly putting the media industries and the profession of journalism at the centre of people’s...

Setting standards

indiagoes is a new generation news service that aggregates and delivers Indian news flawlessly. That’s their claim but it looks like they’ve got a good thing going here. They’ve got a blog at:

Broadband on the roll

Broadband Grew 33 Percent Years’ Time This is a  OECD report. Nevertheless, this reflects the trend. technorati tags:broadband, internet, DSL, OECD

Grameen Today, for you

Rural India is no more back of beyond. There’s a brand new fortnightly magazine Grameen Today that will focus on providing “a comprehensive knowledge of technologies, scientific knowledge and various policy issues that are of interest to the rural...