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The News Minutes is a Bangalore-based news website that reports and writes on issues “with specific focus on the 5 southern states.” It is co-founded and editorially headed by Dhanya Rajendran, who is also the chairperson of Digipub. 

The Drupal-powered website, as expected, has section called Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, but also an IPSMF-funded section called Delve.

Surprisingly, as a digital publication TNM seems to have overlooked some basic SEO parameters, A cursory SEO audit with a sample size of 500 URLs revealed that about 22% of them had Missing Keywords. One can argue that keywords are not so important for Google search anymore, although it is still useful for Google News. More than 80% articles with over 60 characters or and more than 48% with H1 over 70 characters, might be because SEO might not be high priority at The News Minute. It nevertheless is doing well, especially in social media needs to be to its credited.

While TNM’s Alexa rank is way before The Hindu, that it is not far from the venerable Deccan Herald is creditable. With DH’s new-found digital aggression, the competition with between these two Bangalore-based publications maybe something to watch for. In the meanwhile, The News Minute could look closely at the SERP. Sorting it out might not be too difficult:

TNM in Search Engine Results Page

Some members of the TNM editorial team include:


TNM offers membership to it readers by making the site ad-free for members. With paying members being designated Star, Superstar and Legend. 

TNM Membership

Will this be a success is to be watched closely.

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