There are myriad kinds of journalism online. The past few years have been witness to the ascendence of “pure-play”, digital-only websites. Some of them may be a long way from making it to the top of the ComScore chart, but the impact of their journalism has been telling, best judged by scramble to tame the beast.

Without attempting to complicate things further, we can accept that journalism online can be defined by the association with legacy media, such as newspapers and broadcast; or whether they are “pure-play” digital enterprises. If one were to look at the Indian media landscape, news websites have organised themselves accordingly as well.

We shall try to tell the story of as many of the websites that are supposed to “afflict the comfortable comfort the afflicted”.  The list here is woefully inadequate. We hope to increase the number of digital news enterprises to cover, essentially to subsume the universe of sites for journalists to know about.





Times of India


Daily News and Analysis