Why Open Graph tags are necessary for news websites?

The use of Open Graph tags are necessary as social media platforms continue to remain important sources of traffic for news websites. Since Mastodon also recognise OG tags, they will continue to be useful.

The countries shutting down the Internet the most

In many countries, the drastic step of shutting down the internet is employed in response to actual or potential unrest. Shutdowns generally occur when...

Instagram fined $402 mn, but it’s not the biggest fine Big Tech has paid

GDPR aims to give users more control over their data – and lays the groundwork for fining companies offering their services in the EU for breaching its articles.

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Amazon’s incredible long-term growth

Exactly 27 years after Amazon was incorporated on July 5, 1994, the company's founder Jeff Bezos stepped back from his role as CEO in July 2021, assuming the role of Executive Chair instead. Bezos, whose stake in Amazon made him the richest man alive, was succeeded by...

Welcome to OnlineJournalism.in

There are myriad kinds of digital news websites, but a quick look down the list by comScore of the top news websites by users shows the predominant position legacy media enjoys even online. If you for a moment set aside the huge problem of advertising dollars being...

The publishers who made Shakespeare a global phenomenon

Walk into any decent bookshop today in search of Shakespeare’s plays and you’re sure to find at least one. And even if you can’t find what you’re looking for on the bookshelves, there is always the internet, where a great variety of different complete works and...



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UA to GA4: How’s it going?

GA4 is about to be the acronym that is going to take over newsroom jargon spouting, second to Artificial Intelligence or rather AI.  Most newsrooms use Google Analytics, the free analytics solution, which is all set to move to a format called Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics (GA4). Initial forays to understand GA4 have elicited favourable reactions, save for an easy way to continue using historic data. If you have been dabbling with GA4, do write to us about your experience with it.

Subhash Rai

Subhash Rai


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